We’ve always sent release notes via email to all our users, but now we figured we should start posting them here for everyone to see. Scroll down for some of our recent updates.

Easier to sift through the feedback

Identifying the valuable comments in a forest of feedback can overwhelm even the most diligent writer. We’ve therefore added a few features to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Chapter-level feedback where it should be

Chapter-level feedback can now be found directly under the corresponding chapter. Previously, this could only be found in the Feedback section.

Filter out feedback from individual readers

Just click the commenter’s name, and we’ll filter away everything else, making it easy to focus on one thing at a time.

Search in comments

Want to find every comment mentioning a specific character? Use the new comment text search field in the Feedback section.

Drag and drop chapters and surveys!

Moving chapters up or down used to be a drag with all the clicks. Now, it’s as easy as a drop 😉

And don’t worry – we’ll let you know if you try to do something that affects your existing readers, so you can let them know what you changed.

Download report data

The Reports section is getting its fair share of updates as well. You can now download the current view as a .csv file if you want to analyse the data in e.g. Excel.

At a glance reading stats

We’ve added some highlighting stats to the dashboard. See how many readers you have in total, how many were active this week, and how many are active right now.

Oh, and we’ve also added rating and feedback stats to the dashboard, so you’ll know how your manuscripts are doing without even having to open them!

Happy writing and reading,