What started as a handy tool to manage one author’s beta reading process has grown to help a whole writing community. Today, we are proud to open up BetaReader.io to the public.

It’s been half a year since we released BetaReader.io into open beta, and a little more than a year since we started testing the very first novel on the platform (Fermi’s Filter by Alfred Ruth on Teg Publishing).

Since then, thousands of authors, publishers, and readers have beta tested manuscripts while providing valuable feedback that has helped us develop the platform into what it is today: a secure and simple way to share and improve your manuscript and improve it by analyzing feedback and reading data.

The time has now come to launch our BetaReader.io into the wild, and we’re doing that with three great plans: Free, Standard, and Pro.

Are you interested in becoming a Beta Writer? Sign up for a paid plan before April 26, and you’ll get 10% off if you enter LAUNCH in the coupon field.