If you are a publisher or work with an editor, you might want to invite collaborators to help manage feedback and reading data.

This feature is intended to allow authors and publishers to share their manuscripts with editors and other collaborators. It is only available on premium accounts. If you want to invite regular readers to your manuscript, follow these steps instead.

Sometimes, more than one person will be working on a manuscript. In those cases, you can invite them as collaborators instead of readers. This will allow them to respond to feedback and view all manuscript details and reading data from the author interface.

Invite them from the ”Collaborators” tab in your Manuscript overview. The collaborator will receive an email where they can accept the invitation, which expires in 72 hours if they don’t accept it, and if they accept, they can access your manuscript from their own account.

Step 1: Author invites collaborator

Step 2: Collaborator receives email

Step 3: Collaborator accepts invitation