You can invite readers to your work from the Readers tabSort readers by name, creation date, when they started reading, when they were last seen, and how far they have reached in your story.

Inviting a new reader

Step 1 (optional): Create a reader sign-up form.

In the sign up form you can include three questions that the readers are required to answer when signing up. Just press the button “Reader sign-up form”.

And add the questions that you need answered before accepting a beta reader sign up request and hit save.

Step 2: Sending the invitation

Invite a new reader by simply typing their email into the email field and hitting enter or clicking the Add reader button.

The new reader will appear in the readers list as “Not yet started”.

Step 2: Receiving the invitation

Your readers will receive an invitation email like the one below:

Step 3: Accepting the invitation

The invitation link leads to the below page, where the user needs to accept that will collect information about their reading patterns and feedback before they’re allowed to read the book.

Step 4: Reader actions

You can delete, disable / enable readers, as well as getting their invitation token or link from the reader actions menu on each entry. Deleting an entry is only possible for readers who have not yet accepted the invitation.