In these days of social distancing, even the sanest people can go overboard. Our CHO (Chief Hoarding Officer) did just that, and bought a sh*tload of toilet rolls to our HQ.

At first, it seemed like a good idea, but then we realized that the mountains of toilet rolls that now occupy our office make it difficult to perform any work at all, let alone reach the bathroom in time.

We realize that we won’t be able to deplete this storage for the next couple of eons. Therefore, we decided to innovate a little, and instead offer discounted manuscript print-outs on toilet paper!

One of our most trusted users, A. F. Day, has already beta tested the feature, and she loves it:

I’m now printing all my feedback on toilet rolls, so I can stuff it where it belongs if it doesn’t say my writing is excellent.

A. F. Day

Get your hands on a toilet roll printed manuscript today and start wiping those great ideas away!