Guest post by Kristin Savage

Both giving and receiving feedback can be beneficial for someone wanting to improve their writing skills and write with more ease. Feedback can play an important part when it comes to your progress and it can help you determine which aspects of your writing need improvement. 

Giving and receiving feedback can be done in plenty of ways and when it comes to writing, it does not even have to be given in person. Here are some of the most important ways through which feedback can improve one’s writing.

1. Keeping track of your progress

The very first reason why feedback can help you improve your writing is that it can help you see how far your writing has come. Depending on who you ask for feedback, they might have come in contact with things you have written in the past. Whether they are a professor, a parent or a friend, they can help you see just how much progress you have made. To them, your development will be much clearer.

Even small changes such as using more diverse vocabulary or better punctuation will be easy to notice for some people. If you feel like you haven’t made much progress, give someone that has read something of yours in the past a new project to read. You will be surprised at how many positive changes they will be able to notice.

2. Staying focused on your goals

When trying to improve your writing skills, you might end up getting discouraged and forgetting exactly why you started writing in the first place. Whether you wanted to become better at school projects or you wanted to write your own book, your goal should be your main motivator. Forgetting that goal is a frequent event and it can cause you to make slow progress in the long run.

When giving someone a piece of your work to read, they will most often ask about your motivation and goals upon completing this project. This is a good thing as it can help you remember exactly why you started this journey. The more motivated you feel the more your goals will matter and the easier it will be to stick to working hard and improving your writing skills.

3. Paying attention to detail

Another important reason why receiving feedback can help you improve your writing is because it can help you pay more attention to smaller details. This can be especially helpful if the person giving you feedback is a professional in the field, as they will be able to notice more. Estelle Leotard, writer for ClassyEssay said that “An expert’s eye can catch smaller details in a text and help you improve your writing faster”. 

Having someone’s guidance when it comes to what you need to be careful of will help you write more carefully and methodically. In the long run, this will help you know which details to focus on. As a result, your writing will appear more intact and well-put-together. It is indeed true that paying more attention to details will enhance the entire reading experience for your audience.

4. Learning to revise and correct

Revising your text and correcting certain mistakes is a very important part of writing. Even when you think your work is done, you are never truly finished until you proofread and edit the content. Some people find this process tedious and wish they could avoid it. Making it easier though can be achieved in a variety of ways and you can use many different tools to achieve a flawless result. 

Certain online tools such as TrustMyPaper and Grammarly can help you proofread your content easily and effectively. Editing can be made easy with tools such as SupremeDissertations and Hemmingway Editor as they are user-friendly and can vastly improve the readability of your work. No matter how you choose to revise and correct your content, it will greatly benefit from correcting any small grammar and spelling errors.

5. Developing your own style of writing

Last but not least, another important reason why feedback can help you improve your writing is helping you develop your own writing style. John Lowe, an editor for GrabMyEssay, said that “Feedback usually goes both ways and you can use it as a means to read other people’s work. Giving and receiving feedback from other people in your field is a great way to see how you want your writing to develop”.

In addition to that, receiving feedback from more experienced writers can help you see how others perceive your writing style. Depending on how others perceive your tone of writing, you can learn to shape your wording based on what emotions you want to deliver. After writing for a while, you will come to find that this will come naturally and this will shape your writing style along the way.

Becoming a better writer one step at a time

Feedback can truly help you understand how others perceive your writing and ideas. While you might have one idea in mind, there are plenty of ways someone might perceive it through the way you have written it.  Knowing that will help you be more precise about how you put your thoughts on paper and will allow you to develop your writing style.

As long as you take feedback in a constructive way and use it to better your skills, you will find ways to improve. At the end of the day, developing your writing is all about practice and feedback can motivate you to write more. Do you believe feedback could help you improve your writing skills in the long run? 


Kristin Savage is a professional writer and editor for TopEssayWriting. Her experience working in term paper writing service has led her to want to create content to help her audience improve their writing skills. This is exactly why she often writes for various platforms, sharing tips and tricks on writing. In her spare time, she loves listening to audiobooks and spending time in nature.