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BetaReader.io is a cross-platform reader and feedback management platform for professional authors.

Tell me more.

If you are an author, or a writer of any kind really, who makes a habit of asking beta readers for feedback before you publish (that’s a great practice, by the way, do keep at it!), chances are that you have experienced Beta Angst™ – the anxious wait for your readers to return with feedback so that you can analyze it and get on with the writing already. BetaReader.io is the perfect cure for this, and a really helpful tool at the same time!

Wow, sounds great!

It does, doesn’t it? BetaReader.io lets you:

  • Share your work securely with via a beautifully simple, web based e-reader that doesn’t obstruct the reader experience.
  • Watch the progress in real-time as your readers make their way through your story.
  • Analyze feedback and reading patterns to understand in detail what works well and what needs polishing.

Neat, huh? And best of all, it works on computers, tablets & smart phones, so you and your readers can do your thing on the go, wherever you go (as long as there is a touch of Internet access).

I want this! What do I do?

We are currently in Private Beta, which means that we let in new authors one by one (but beta authors can of course add as many readers as they please). Interested in taking your beta process to the next level? Sign up today – we’ll activate your account as soon as we can 🙂

Still have questions? Email us on hello@betareader.io!

// Jonas Frid, Founder of BetaReader.io

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