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How do I cancel my subscription?

If you for some reason decide that you no longer want to subscribe to a BetaReader plan: Go to Account > SubscriptionsClick Cancel Your subscription will be cancelled according to our terms of service.

Reading data & reports

Once your readers have started reading your story, you'll want to follow up on their progress. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing in real-time people consume your story! You'll find the reports for your book under the "Reports" tab. Reader filters Use this tool to...

Reader surveys

The most obvious way to collect feedback on your manuscript is to let your readers comment and react directly in the text, but did you know that you can also slip in reader surveys between chapters? Here's how you do it: Go to the Content overview.Click Add > Add...

Configuring the reader experience

On the web, you'll find the font size button in the top of the e-reader: And the color mode switcher in the user dropdown: In the smartphone app, the color mode and font settings are on top of the book / manuscript:

Reading works on

We strive to make the reader experience to as good and streamlined as possible, and offer e-readers for the following platforms: Web - Mac/PC - Official support latest version Chrome (IE, Firefox & Safari will work but are not as heavily tested)Mobile web...